Pottery Vase

Pottery vase 1 - pottery vase

If you’ve been captivated by the world of pottery and you are feeling up to the challenge, today we’ll be telling you about cool pottery vase ideas you will absolutely love. Pottery is a popular hobby and though it takes dedication, and patience chances are you’ll be making your own little creations in no time. … Read more

Salt Glaze Pottery

Pottery vase 1 - salt glaze pottery

If you are immersed in the pottery world, whether as a potter yourself or a lover of fine things, you would have come across quite a number of designs and finishes. And one thing is for sure, these units bring different things to the table so you might want to get to know more about … Read more

Pottery Lamp

Pottery lamp

So you finally signed up for that pottery class you’ve been putting off for ages, and now you are feeling like Karen Karnes? Good for you! Pottery is a popular hobby and though it takes dedication, patience a lot of hard work, and focus, chances are you’ll soon be making your own little creations, and … Read more

Pottery Painting Ideas

Pottery painting ideas

Painting pottery is a creative and fun way to spend some time at home, even if you aren’t making the pieces yourself. This is a great hobby that can help you relieve stress and it is also a great way for you to make use of your time in a more efficient manner, other than … Read more