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Clara Potterfield, a renowned pottery expert from Asheville, North Carolina, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design. With over a decade of experience, she has mastered various pottery techniques and materials. As the creative force behind, Clara shares her expertise through comprehensive tutorials, engaging articles, and stunning visuals, aiming to cultivate a thriving community of pottery enthusiasts who can learn, grow, and celebrate the beauty of this ancient art form together.

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Pottery Painting Ideas

Pottery painting ideas

Painting pottery is a creative and fun way to spend some time at home, even if you aren’t making the pieces yourself. This is a great hobby that can help you relieve stress and it is also a great way for you to make use of your time in a more efficient manner, other than … Read more

Pottery Table

Pottery table

In the hunt for a pottery table? We hear you. If you are the artsy type, whether you are all about working with clay or are just a beginner, then you need to have the right equipment in order to achieve your sculpting dreams much easier. Such equipment of course includes the best pottery table … Read more